• The Birth Of An Idea

    Inspiration starts with a problem. Affordable glasses are made cheaply. Nerdy Frames was founded with a single mission – to provide you with stylish and affordable eyewear – without compromising on quality. Launched in New York City in 2012, Nerdy Frames is the brainchild of Harlem native Geraldo Delgado.

  • The Beginning

    Nerdy Frames’ roots are humble. The idea for Nerdy Frames was born in an apartment in New York City. The first few frames were designed and made in a small bedroom, you can imagine the mess.


  • The Come Up

    We successfully sold the first batch of eyeglasses and Nerdy Frames expanded to an office in Harlem NYC, where larger quantities could be made. Slowly, but steadily, through word of mouth we have been able to grow. We went from selling locally to selling to the entire country.

  • Right Now

    We now maintain an online-focused presence to keep your cost as low as possible and give you the best quality, plain and simple. Try us out at home or virtually, we have a no-hassle return policy.

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