Is the Home Try-On Really Free? Yes.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.Why is a credit or debit card needed to place an order if the program is free?

A: We need a credit or debit card to ensure a real person is ordering. It also ensures that the try-on frames come back to us so we can shipped them to other clients. Like in any retail business we have to mitigate theft as best as we can.

2. Do you hold on to my credit or debit card information?

A: No. Once the try-on box is returned your credit or debit card information is purged from our credit card processors database.

3. Do you have a virtual try-on application on your website.

A: We are currently working on providing you a virtual try-on but we are fans of the Free Home Try-On program because it allows you to touch and feel the product. We are very proud of our designs and quality so we prefer if you try our frames in person.

4. How much time do I get with the try-on frames? Can I order multiple boxes?

A: We allow 7 days per try-on box and we only allow you to order one box at a time. We get a lot of requests for our Try-on boxes and we feel a week is the perfect duration. It also allows others to receive their try-on box within a timely manner.