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Vision Insurance Information

How Insurance Reimbursement Works

Unfortunately, we don't have any direct partnerships with vision insurance providers, but we can assist you in getting a reimbursement for your purchase after you have paid in full at the time of purchase. In order to be reimbursed, you will first need to fill out a form from your insurance provider. After you fill out their reimbursement form, you will need to provide an itemized receipt, which we can provide you with once you have completed your purchase. We've provided some links below of popular vision insurance providers to help you get started.

Please contact your vision insurance for more information on how to file for a reimbursement.

If you have any question or you need an itemized receipt, please email us at info@nerdyframes.com

FSA & HSA Payments

We accept both FSA and HSA payments, as long as they are in the form of a credit or debit card. After you have had completed a purchase with your FSA/HSA, you can then file for a reimbursement with your vision insurance provider.

30% Off Your 1st Order

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